The Strong Woman

Encouraging Women in their pursuit to get STRONG spiritually & physically through fitness, nutrition & supplementation so we can impact our world and leave a legacy!

She makes and sells linen garments, she delivers belts to the merchants. Strength and honor are her clothing and she can laugh at the time to come. Proverbs 31:24-25

Be in Business FOR Yourself not by Yourself

Join The Goal Achievers!

We are looking for other STRONG women to join our team and help spread the good news of health Shaklee. When you join The Goal Achievers you will be joining a team that does just that, reach for their goals. You will be in business for yourself, but not by yourself. 

We will help teach you the steps to success, as well and give you all the support and tools necessary to launch a successful and rewarding Shaklee business! Let's get you started today !

And leave a legacy you're proud of

Have you ever wanted to own your own business, contribute to the family finances, or just be able to go on family vacations?

Shaklee is a rewarding business where you get to help others live healthier lives, help others grow their businesses and you are rewarded for the work you do! Shaklee's rewards are awesome too ! You will earn monthly checks, car payments, trips as well as the ability to work from anywhere, simply by sharing Shaklee products!

Whatever level you choose to build your Shaklee business to, you will be able to leave your business to your kids or a loved one. That's right! What you build does not go away! You're building a strong business that will not only change your health, the health of your freinds and family, but many other circles of influence beyond just yourself and for many generations to come!

Shaklee has enabled us to dream again! We can now pay to put our kids in a part time private school where they go two days a week and we homeschool the other days. We are getting to fullfil a family dream and take the kids to Disney this summer as well as build a pool (a childhood dream of mine)!

I love helping others feel their best, get their energy back, lose weight, say goodbye to medications and start thriving again! I also love helping people realize their dreams again and reach them with Shaklee as that vehicle to get them there!

The Shaklee Difference

At Shaklee, we believe that nature holds the answers to a healthy and productive life. By using pure and potent ingredients and the foremost scientific research, we formulate nutrition products that are truly life enhancing.
Quality ingredients, safe products

The ingredients used in our exclusive formulas go through an incredibly stringent screening process that surpasses even the pharmaceutical standards of the United States Pharmacopeia (USP). Our purity standards are some of the toughest in the nutrition industry to guarantee that all of our products are 100% safe.
Extensive studies, effective nutrients

Our scientists find pure and potent ingredients from nature, spending thousands of hours reviewing scientific literature and conducting their own studies to verify efficacy. We use unique combinations of scientifically supported ingredients to create our exclusive formulas.
Better absorption, better results

Decades of clinical studies go into understanding nutrition and how our bodies absorb nutrients. Shaklee scientists have published 125 scientific papers and presentations, including 7 presentations in the last year. Our cutting-edge, patented Shaklee delivery systems are designed to release nutrients in your body in a way that promotes better absorption.

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