The Strong Woman

Encouraging Women in their pursuit to get STRONG spiritually & physically through fitness, nutrition & supplementation so we can impact our world and leave a legacy!

To grow in any area, you must READ!

Below are just a few of my favorite books that have helped me break through walls in business, understand more about nutrition and how to eat right, as well as encouraged me in my walk with God. I hope you'll check these books out! Remember, you can also download them to audible and listen as you're driving, or cleaning house. I heard it once said that we can gain an entire education in the car with as much as we all drive in our culture. So get a good book and just commit to reading a chapture a day. You'll read 12 books or more this year!!

Books on Business. My favorite and most challenging was and is Playing Big! A must read for women wanting to be STRONG!

Books on Food, Nutrition and How to Cook
If you can read you can cook!