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  1. Want results ASAP?
    15 Feb, 2016
    Want results ASAP?
    I was reading a devotional this weekend about prayer.  It was saying how when we pray we want an answer ASAP, right?  Well, the point of this devotional was to communicate that prayer needs to switch from an ASAP mentality to an ALAT mentality:  As Long As it Takes!  Pray without quitting, in other words.  His timing is always best, but we need to keep praying! I like that. And I believe it applies to health & fitness as well. We need to stop comparing ourselves to others. We need to stop
  2. Are you tearing or building your house?
    01 Jan, 2016
    Are you tearing or building your house?
    Proverbs 14:1 "Every wise woman builds her house, a foolish ones tears it down with her own hands" I've always thought this meant our home, family, relationships...but it could also mean our body. Our body is where we live. Our house. We have to build our own house, our health, physically and spiritually, before we can bless others. Love that. You know it's kind of like when you're on an airplane and they tell you that if case of an emergency, please put the breathing mask on yourself first,



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