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Sara Oliver
Thursday, July 28, 2016

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  1. You will or you won't
    26 Jul, 2016
    You will or you won't
    There's just a big difference between the words: "I will" and "I won't" So which is it for you when it comes to making your fitness, health & nutrition a priority in your life? It's one or the other! It's either "I won't make it a priority!" (not, "I'll start tomorrow", or, "I know I should but it's so hard"....whaaaaa!!) Nope, if you have that mind set then you are saying "I won't today!" I won't eat healthy. I won't workout. I won't sleep at least 7 hours. I won't take my vitamins. I won't
  2. What to Focus on
    22 Jul, 2016
    What to Focus on
    Focus on the PROCESS not the end result or goal. Figuring out what you want, what goal you want to achieve, is the first step. But once you've decided, now you have to focus on the process to get you there. You want to lose 50 pounds? You can't get down and negative thinking, "This will take a whole year! I'll never make it!"  NO! You gotta put those thoughts out of your head! You have to break down into baby steps the ACTION steps you need and must take DAILY to reach your goal! Here the
  3. Your Routine vs Your Schedule
    21 Jul, 2016
    Your Routine vs Your Schedule
    A schedule is a time-table that we have to abide to everyday to go to work or school, pay the bills monthly, etc. So a schedule is just the activities you HAVE TO get done everyday. A routine is what YOU DECIDE you want to accomplish everyday, and you make sure happen NO MATTER WHAT your schedule is.  Another way to see your routine is: What are the non-negotiables in your life? What are the necessary things you make happen every day to help you reach what you want out of life? No one makes